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Atomic Cretins – Spiritual Cancer [EP]

atomic cretins – spiritual cancer [ep]

Atomic Cretins are a Blackened Thrash band from Philadelphia, PA or Philthy Philadelphia as the band calls it and “Spiritual Cancer” is their new EP of primitive metal madness.

A tornado of evil sounding Blackened Thrash metal with a touch of d-beat subtlety cracks out of the speakers, ushering a thick rough production that sounds like an 80s era demo tape. The songs are simple and straight forward but not without a touch of creativity in the riffs. The raw production, although fitting for this style does leave some of the more outstanding riffs feeling washed out and perhaps a more cleaner mix would have brought out the melody in the riffs. I imagine Atomic Cretins thrive in a live setting as their sound is very much suited for playing punk house basements and dungeon like dive bars.

If your looking for evil blackened thrash that feels like circa 1987 then for sure check out “Spiritual Cancer”. I look forward to a full length from these filthy heathens in the future. (Ted Gloom)