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Astral Tomb – Degradation of Human Consciousness [EP]

astral tomb – degradation of human consciousness [ep]

For many, the mere fact of mentioning Blood Harvest is a sign of quality! These Astral Tombs are no longer part of the roster, but the aforementioned label, which means more or less the same, right, edited this work?

Right. In addition, what do we have here, in front of us? Rotten and dragging Death Metal, the one in which even I can find good things, and appealing! Death Metal coming out of the USA is well known. From Obituary to Morbid Angel, from Death to… Blood Incantation. Slow, rather slow, and heavy, like a thick wall of sound; vocalizations from the grave, for sure!

These freaks got together in 2018, still under the name Ring Nebula, to take on the name they still bear in 2019. Damn! Even me, who am not a Death Metal fan, these 3 themes can cause some pain. I love the fact that the sound sounds old, like it was recorded in some shack near a Florida swamp. USA Death Metal is in Florida, right? Anyway, groovy as fuck and dense, dense! Don’t fall for the formula that associates speed with “animal” vocalizations. No. It creates a much more complex structure than that. Would you gain from cleaner production? Probably. Would it be the same? What would have been the result of “Night of the Living Dead” if Mr. Romero had access to everything that prevails in world cinema today? Exactly what you are (hopefully) thinking.

For Death Metal fans that presents itself as an alternative to the usual bands, keeping the North American vein. (DanielP)