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Ascended Dead – Arcane Malevolence [EP]

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For those who find it hard to keep track of all the new bands and releases and everything, be glad you have VM-Underground, ha! We will tell you what you have to check out and such…you’re welcome! This time it’s Ascended Dead from San Diego, USA, to get some notice in this fine fanzine. This 7” will bring you some fierce and chaotic Old School Death Metal with the rawness of cutting a tree with a blunt and rusted pocketknife. Early Morbid Angel, Immolation and Sarcofago will be the main influences you hear on the 4 tracks. The track “Blood Consecration” has some nice mid-tempo solos as well, which is a nice break. If they will create more tracks like that, a new release could be very interesting. If you’re into the darker, technical yet chaotic kind of Old School Death Metal, this piece of vinyl can be a nice addition to your collection. (Ricardo)