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Arsis – Visitant

arsis – visitant

Haven`t listened to Arsis since a long time. A mistake I have to confess as these guys still deliver and become even better through the years. 5 years after “Unwelcome“ Arsis are back with “Visitant“, a complex beast which remains catchy even in the most technical and absurd passages, reaching new levels of (classical) compositions, with standalone riffs and (bass) lines as well as versatile drumming that covers the entire metal spectrum.

The band still can split between Thrash, Heavy, Black and Death metal so easily you won’t even notice that in the first listen because it all flows so very well. The straight thrashy groove rhythms are real headbangers and always placed at the right place. This work needs more than a few spins to figure out every detail the band worked on but it is worth every listen. Some clean guitars here, melodic twin leads there, marching drums (just on the snare, no worries), and some pretty cool basslines that give the right bottom to this construct.

Fans of the band should buy it blindly, all others which consider themselves as fans of genre crossovers and like complex song writing as well as melodic riffs and leads should check this out definitely. (DPF)