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Arma Christi – Egocentric Oblivion

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Polish one-man commando return with the first full length in the history of the band with the title „Egocentric Oblivion“. The album ist fast, I mean really fast. So do we have a hyperblasting black metal band trying to be faster than Marduk? No not. Sure there are a lot of fast sections or songs but Arma Christi do not the mistake to let it be to dominant or to change the speeds to add more atmosphere (and they do) and rendering the fast parts even more brutal. The keyboard is a great instrument If incorporated well and Arma Christi are able to use it for are greater range of emotions and more atmosphere. Critics? Yes, maybe the fact that the drums are programmed, although the sound of the drums does not bore, sometimes there is a certain lack in dynamics because of this. All in all a very interesting debut with enough aggression and dark atmosphere the keep this earth in a frozen state. Worth checking out. (DPF)