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Aoratos – Gods Without Name

aoratos – gods without name

With the initial announcement of this pending (now out) release, the Black Metal world began to buzz, and with good reason. Another project of Naas Alcameth (Akhlys, Nightbringer), Aoratos proves that he can do know wrong. “Gods Without Name” takes the listener on a twisting journey into the depths of a nightmare. Riffs swirl about, lunging towards you then spinning away. The drumming pushes ever farther forward and farther down. Alcameth’s vocals are a howling wasteland of tension and spite.

The album is cacophonous and unsettling in all the best ways, inspiring dread and despair in equal measures. Many black metal bands try to channel the void in some way, but Aoratos are exceptionally successful on their first go. Try listening straight through in a darkened room. I’m certain that this vicious offering will draw you in and destroy you. (Hayduke X)