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Antichrist [PER] – Pax Moriendi

antichrist [per] – pax moriendi

If my information is correct, Antichrist from Peru already formed in 2004, but recorded their first demo in 2014. 2 Years and 3 demos later, the DeathDoomsters released a single called “In the Dark and Mournful Corner of Memory”, a single that is released on cassette only…you don’t hear that a lot any more, but it was enough to convince Iron Bonehead Productions to sign them and release their debut album filled with hymns that are atrabilious. It is quite clear these guys play heavy Satanic Doom/Death. Almost the Funeral kind, but it has too much melancholic and sinister beauty in it, to give it the full “Funeral” label, yet everything is certainly dark and mournful. You will hear some Incantation Doom/Death with pace changes on “In the Dark and Mournful Corner of Memory” (yes, the same track as on the single), but you will get some Winter on a 12+ minute track like “You will never see Sun Light” as well. It has all the ominous and murky ingredients to make a soul suffer. Lucifer recommends this one, and so do I. (Ricardo)