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Anomalie – Integra [EP]

anomalie – integra [ep]

The fundament of the Austrian collective Anomalie is the constant will to evolve their sound and look for the best ways of creating a Post-Black Metal outlet that expresses deep states of mind, exploring them and raising questions at the same time. But this is more than Post-Black and is one of those bands where no number of labels is adequate. Let’s get to words instead.

After 3 full-lengths, trough companionship of multi-instrumentalist and writer Marrok (this is where I should mention he also worked with Harakiri for the Sky, which is far from a lousy experience!) and his colleagues, came to be „Integra“, Anomalie’s first EP. It was released end of last year by AOP Records, and since then they have been and will continue to be quite active touring-wise.

„Integra“ delivers short of 30 minutes of the collective’s signature atmospheric soundscaping Austrian environments. Sticking to Black Metal roots, Integra opens a passage to the metaphysics of sonic expression, a dreamlike travel trough one’s psychological state. Apart from the obvious sound, you’d expect from this outlet (because it’s not really a matter of originality but quality here – honestly all subgenres are getting overproductive), what brings Anomalie out are the masterful combinations of those elements. With Post-Black base come hints of Death Metal and Shoegaze, all atop heavy and textured riffs, all parted with acoustic/clean passages and atmosphere-setting sound effects.

All of this music wraps itself around you, creating the image of an environment that wasn’t there just minutes ago. I won’t go into fancy phrases or detailed analysis with this – it is upon you to experience yourself. A big step to keeping the subgenre fresh and relevant.

With the way they sound and work they put into that sound, Anomalie is bound to get big soon. (Lana)