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Anarchos / Morbid Stench – Ghospels of Necromancy [Split]

anarchos / morbid stench – ghospels of necromancy [split]

Both bands on this split are no strangers to the zine and myself, I may say.

The split starts with Anarchos with a fine slab of early 1990s European OSDM and Old School Swedish Death Metal. Pounding and galloping with power some malevolent pure Death Metal is thrown at ya with “Tortured Souls” as most versatile track Anarchos is offering on this split. It starts with midtempo almost Eric Daniels’ like riffing on Soulburn’s “Feeding on Angels” and turns into a grinding whirlwind within a couple of seconds…to change into a mid-tempo chugging riff…to change into a grinding whirlwind. And so on…in just under 3 minutes.

The splits starts very well with the two tracks of Anarchos, fortunately with Morbid Stench the split ends well too. “Brethren Accuser” is a hit by the hammer of Doom and smells like the decay of Death with the gospel of sepulchral; Master Butcher. Effective and fine 90’s Doom/Death done in way you may expect from these veterans. And they don’t let you down…

A very enjoyable split by two fine underground bands and keep an eye on their forthcoming material. (Ricardo)