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Altar of Gore – Obscure & Obscene Gods

altar of gore – obscure & obscene gods

Reading the name and watching the artwork it could be easily put in to a Goregrind whatever kind of subgenre, the main point it is gory stuff. Yes, it is gory, but in another way.

Altar of Gore’s debut album “Obscure & Obscene Gods” is full of it and the fact that this one man-project comes from New Jersey just helps to get an idea how they sound. Cavernous, low tuned NYDM, early-mid nineties inspired, with hints of Finnish Death Metal, you know…the Rippikoulu kind of thing.

The songs have repetitive riffs that simply flow and to a certain extend remain stuck in the brain. Sure, sometimes it sounds like kinda the same, be it for the main tone of the used scale or the overall soundscape created with this low tuned filthy Death Metal riffs.

As I mentioned before, Rippikoulu and other Finnish masters of low tuned Death Metal pop up while listening as well as US heavyweights (yes, heavy) Rottrevore, Carnal Dissection or Butchery and not to forget the amazing Coffins from Japan.

If you like the feeling of those bands and dig a record like “Death” from Teitanblood, this could please your gory taste very well. Tracks like “Sanguinary Relics” or “Altar of Gore” speak for themselves, being heavy as fuck and crushing as bulldozers.Also I’d like to mention the tasty grunts, sometimes doubled with high pitched shrieks that work splendidly in unison.

Evoke the obscure and obscene gods If you’re not afraid of.. (DPF)