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Alkonost – Tales of Wanderings

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In 2013 Alkonost released an album called “?????? ??????????” which is now kind of re-released. But not in a way with only new artwork or something like that. No, it’s rereleased in an English version, the songs seems to be rearranged and the female vocals are rerecorded by the new vocalist. Which stands is the style of Alkonost, as the Pagan/Folk Metal is done in a mostly up-tempo and melodic way, accompanied with a Opera, or Soprano if you will, Therion (“Vovin”) like vocals with a traditional touch. From time to time a growl will enter your ears to spice it up a little, or like a track as “All Alone (Loneliness Time)”, you will hear the growl of Maxim Shtanke as main vocals. “Tales of Wanderings” is worth to check out if you’re into Pagan Metal a Soprano Female vocals. (Ricardo)