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Alghol – Forgotten Paths [EP]

alghol – forgotten paths [ep]

The North-American Black Metal scene has never received more praise, than in recent years. With this, I am in no way stating that old legends of the USBM scene were inferior to acts that are more recent. It will be hard to beat the likes of Judas Iscariot or VON, just to name two of the best, ever!

The thing is, the Black Metal paradigm has changed, or maybe it has not, and musicians came to the conclusion that Black Metal was going into a pattern where the roots, the pillars of the genre were no longer present. I am aware that this sounds like old man’s speech and moaning, but I have no other way to explain the fact that so many Black Metal musicians turned to that Lo-fi production, for example, that has been in Black Metal since day 1.

Long story short: Alghol hails from the US and he plays Black Metal music. I believe I have heard someone say this last part, somewhere, uhm. Alghol is a one-man-band from Portland, Maine. Thankfully, he has not fallen into the same mistake so many before him have: he did not resort to Lo-fi production as a way to make his sound different. In other words, the end production is quite good, allowing us to listen to everything, the voice, the instruments, and the overall musical construction. Even the structure of the songs is somewhat distinctive from so many other Black Metal acts from today. The opening riff for “Through the Crypt”, the usage of keyboard, the haunting atmosphere that sets the mood… did I arrive late to this? Give it a go! (DanielP)