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Age of Agony / Witchcraft [HUN] – Age of Agony vs. Witchcraft [Split]

age of agony / witchcraft [hun] – age of agony vs. witchcraft [split]

At the end of 1990s Season of Mist introduced some splits in which the two bands covered a song of each other. After 3 “War” splits the label cancelled this experiment. Of course there will be more bands and splits which contains such material, but when I received this one, I instantly made the link with those “War” splits. This time we have 2 Hungarian bands: Age of Agony and Witchcraft. The first one plays Death Metal, the second one Black Metal and both have covered 2 tracks of each other. Age of Agony have chosen 2 tracks of the “Hegyek Felettem” (2002)  release and gave it a Death Metal transformation, although the riffs are unmistakably Black Metal. Nice addition is the instrumental “Left Hand Path” addition at the end of their “Hegyek Felettem” cover. Witchcraft does the opposite, which is no surprise, as he two songs of Age of Agony sounds more Black Metal than the original versions. Verdict: Age of Agony is the winner here, who were able to make the Witchcraft songs more of their own. (Ricardo)