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Aegrus – In Manus Satanas

aegrus – in manus satanas

Pure Icelandic heresy. Saturnal Records seems to legitimately have the pulse of Icelandic extreme scene. I’ve listened to several of Aegrus’ offerings and each is as ugly as the next. The best way to enjoy this album is to ram earbuds as far into your ears as possible and turn it all the way up. Sit back and let Aegrus’ filthy black rage split your skull in half.

Production and sound would land this album comfortably on the early mid 90s Century Media line up. Calls back early Borknagar in places as well as Emperor and Carpathian Forest. But for all that it stands out. Remarkably. It has all the right ingredients and all the right mix. I look forward to what ever may come from the Aegrus camp in the future. (Travis N)