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Addaura – …And the Lamps Expire [EP]

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“If Stockholm Death Metal is a kind of a genre, so is Cascadian Black Metal!”. I think that’s the answer after someone asked the question “Why calling your atmospheric Black Metal, Csscadian Black Metal?” Cascadian Black Metal is the tag you will get when you are from the Pacific Northwest region of North America, also known as the Cascade Range, and play Atmospheric Black Metal. It seems Wolves in the Throne Room started this phenomenon and Addaura can’t hide for the same the tag as well. Ripping the geographical mumbo jumbo off, you have an Atmospheric Black Metal band. And an astonishing one! I enjoyed the previous album, “Burning for the Ancient”, a lot and it seems the outstanding performance keeps on going. Like on the first album, the lyrical inspiration by nature is present. Music wise you will get two tracks (and one noisy ambient intermezzo) who are both clocking approx. 10 minutes. There are acoustic parts, a piano intro, a bit of folk and intense uptempo Black Metal riffs. There is room for melancholy but also a grim edge now and then. It’s hard to explain what the difference is between this kind of Atmospheric Black Metal and the Slavonic one. Maybe this is more accessible and the Slavonic ones have more “roots” when it comes to Black Metal. Just a thought…But seriously, if you get excited about Atmospheric Black Metal, you can buy this EP and their debut album blindfolded! I already can’t wait to hear more new material. (Ricardo)


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