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Acheron – The Rites of the Black Mass [Re-Release]

acheron – the rites of the black mass [re-release]

I don’t think I’ve to introduce Acheron for you, the band Vincent Crowley founded in 1988 after leaving Nocturnus and having played on their self-titled demo. “The Rites of the Black Mass” is the debut album released in 1992 by Turbo Music as well as JL America and recorded at the infamous Morrisound Studios. After more than 2 decades the Satanic Old School Death Metal is still relevant, pounding and powerful and tracks like “To Thee we Confess”, “Ave Sathanas” and “Prayer of Hell” are good candidates for an “Old School Death Metal BBQ”-playlist. And the dual vocals, like Glen Benton does on the early Deicide albums, are sounding demonic still. Although it is remastered it has that crunchy underground sound of the original release. The only thing I’m not a fan of, and I can imagine I’m not the only one, is the intro before every song. Sure, Crowley was reverend at the Church of Satan, but to hear the voice of Peter H. Gilmore every time…I mean, it is not Vincent Price, heh? As a bonus you will have the 2 track “Promo 1990” at the end, as well as liner notes of Wannes Gubbels (Pentacle, ex-Asphyx / Soulburn) and Vincent Crowley. Old School Death Metal fan and not having this one in your collection, here is your chance! (Ricardo)