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Accursed Spawn – The Virulent Host

accursed spawn – the virulent host

Canada delivers some tasty technical high calibre Death Metal since years, proofing to have some very talented shredders, pounders and growlers in their ranks. Accursed Spawn are fresh to me, so I don`t have a comparison to their earlier material. Not a bad thing, so I can fully focus on their debut and it kicks ass.

A lot of thrashy elements hit together with Cannnibal Corpse like dissonant riffing, groove portions of a Dying Fetus size, some melodic elements that remind me of late era Death, Malevolent Creation like aggression and everything mixed for a pleasant (or torturous) experience of Death Metal. The production is fat and has the right portion of meat on the bones. If you like your Death Metal brutal with a great dose of brutal Thrash then this should be quite the right thing for you. Great debut to bang with! (DPF)