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Abythic – Beneath Ancient Portals

abythic – beneath ancient portals

Why would you buy a 6+ string guitar, creating all kind of useless breakdowns and put 58 ideas in one song if you could just bulldozer through with mid-tempo Death Metal and use the darkness of Doom? The Germans of Abythic don’t even bother to answer that rhetorical question and does the one thing they do best…Purulent Old School Death Metal. Their demo “A Full Negation of Existence” was also released as EP by Metal Inquisition Records in 2015 and 3 years later Blood Harvest releases the debut album “Beneath Ancient Portals”. It is a mixture of the US scene as well as the European one. As a matter of fact, the bandmembers can change their names into the details of their music, like the Wiseguys gave their crew all kind of nicknames. The fine bloke that I am, I already worked on some suggestions…Sir Murkiness of Incantation, Filthy McAutopsy, Mid-Temp ‘O Bolt Thrower and A.S. Phyx The Great. No Jimmy “Two Times” here…The vocals are deep but not guttural which does the music right. With the leads and variation in pace, although mostly mid-tempo, the album keeps being interesting the whole time. This is without any doubt a recommendable piece of Old School Death Metal with the right amount of darkness. Abythic, I salute you. (Ricardo)