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Abyssus – Relics of the Past [EP]

abyssus – relics of the past [ep]

One full-length and many EPs as well as splits, the legacy so far for the Greek Old School Death Metal machine called Abyssus.

With “Relics of the Past” they have covered 3 classick songs from 3 classick acts, as Hellhammer’s “Agressor”, Possessed’s “Death Metal” and Terrorizer’s “Condemned System” on this limited EP. An EP the band consider as a twin-brother of the “Unleash the Storm” EP, on which they have covered Bathory, Venom and Manilla Road.

When talking about their own 2 songs, “In League with Evil” and the title track, it all reeks of an mix of old Pestilence and Chuck with the “Leprosy” album in particular. And very well done I may add, as variation in pace, the song writing and sick vocals makes this great teaser for the next release. (Ricardo)