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Absu – The Sun Of Tiphareth [Re-Release]

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What can you say about ABSU? They are one of thrash metal bands with only classical albums on their discography (yes, even Absu and Abzu are classical for me). There are already many words written about the ‘Sun Of Tiphareth’ and I not going to do to that either. This re-release from The Crypt is, as with every release, dripping with quality. This box contains three LP’s: the original studio album from 1995; the same album but hen the alternate mix from 2012 on the original sequence and the instrumental rehearsal session from 1993 of the before named album. And this last one is just a master piece. The 2012 mix is a nice one, but for me it ads nothing more to the greatness of this album. The instrumental rehearsal from 1993 on the other end is timeless. I wish that there were more of this kind of recordings on vinyl. The sound quality on this rehearsal is good and it reveals all the musically details you want to hear. For example, the version of ‘The Coming Of War’ sounds much more primitive then on the actually studio album. And if you have seen them live back then or just recently, you can image how it was in the studio. I think the magical impact of this instrumental LP is the fact that it is instrumental. You don’t miss the voice and hysterical screams from Proscriptor at all. (Martin)