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Aborted – Retrogore

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With the release of ‘Retrogore’, the Belgian based death metal band has completed studio album number nine in their discography. Not quit a band with a stable line up as I know, but a band that has the needed passion to create albums regular under the command of Sven De Caluwe. Well, first of all I’d like to congratulate them with the magnificent artwork they’ve used for the brutal album. Second of all, I’d like to give an applause because they again crushed the boundaries with this killer disc! Lets immediately jump towards the title track that follows after the intro ‘Dellamorte Dellamore’ because this one will and has to be classified as one of their best tracks ever! The sick vocals from Sven De Caluwe start off this musical battle that tears the roof off everything. The entire album is filled with great blastbeats (great performance from drummer Ken Bedene), colossal breakdowns and melodic solo’s that are thrown out of the speakers. In comparison with the former albums they’ve used some new elements in their music like the more darker edges in some tracks and the clean production. However, don’t try to compare this album with their previous ones, cause this one stands truly on its own, but in the same time sounds so familiar as Aborted. Yep, the modern touch they’ve inserted will open new doors for these Belgians! Splendid as I may say. (Fredde)