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Abhor – Ritualia Stramonium

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Ritualia Stramonium. Ulfhedhnir will be the Ecclesiastes of the evening. Let the cult gather and may the ceremony begin! As “Ritualia Stramonium” was released by Morbibund (CD) and Rawblackult Productions (Tape) at first, Dunkelheit Produktionen released it for the Europeans on tape as well. The 6th album is all about Occult Black Metal with organ like sounding synths. The sound is not lo-fi or crystal clear…maybe between-fi as it has a dark edge. The music itself is a bit too monotonous to join the cult blindfolded, as they don’t share the same magick Mortuary Drape has. But if you’re into Ritualistic Occult Black Metal and organs, this can be a good one for you. (Ricardo)