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Abhor – Occulta religiO

abhor – occulta religio

Abhor belong to one of the older Black Metal activists from Italy, having been formed in Padua in 1995. Their form of Black Metal is in the tradition of Mortuary Drape, with their own twists and turns, as for example the keys are used more often and the vocals have a bigger range. Speaking about the music, Abhor continue their blend of heavy Thrash laden Black Metal.  Heabanging stuff reigns above all. The songs are groovy, the riffs change between heavy metal, tharshy staccato riffs and traditional black metal chords, while having the drums and bass as a good foundation for the riffs. The keys, mostly used as organ, throne above it to create an eerie atmosphere. Cultes Des Ghoules, Mortuary Drape or even Death SS fans will have their fun here. Abhor don`t make any mistakes to go for blastorgies within their music. It`s all about riffs and atmosphere here, and I think they did extraordinary good on this album. Some parts remind me a lot of Mystifier as the slower riffmonsters with organ thrown over it could be something from “Göetia” or “The world is so good…”. This is horror black metal, the Italian way. Well done guys! (DPF)